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Thriving in the Slow Season

If you’re a handmade business owner, you’ve probably experienced those dreaded slow markets and seasons when sales tend to take a dip. But fear not! Even during these quieter periods, there are several things you can do to keep growing your business. In this blog post, we’ll explore three strategies to make the most of your slow season. So, let’s dive in!

Focus on Building Relationships

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When sales are slow, it’s the perfect time to build strong relationships with your customers, peers, and community. Remember, the more people know and trust you, the more likely they will buy from you or refer you when the timing is right. Networking is essential here! Join local networking groups, reconnect with old friends, and strike up conversations with potential customers at markets and events this summer. Share what you do, why you do it, and how your products or services can benefit others. But remember, this is not about hard selling; it’s about genuinely connecting and establishing trust. Be informative, friendly, and let your passion shine through!

Grow Your Email List

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Your email list is a valuable asset, especially during slow seasons. Take advantage of social media platforms and events to engage with your audience through interactive games, giveaways, and prizes. Make it fun and something people genuinely enjoy participating in so they are more likely to give their email addresses to do so. Or, in exchange for their email addresses, offer a small incentive like a discount coupon or exclusive content. However, don’t jump straight into bombarding them with sales pitches. Instead, create an onboarding and welcoming system. Share a few valuable pieces of content your ideal customer finds helpful and interesting. Build that relationship by providing value before sending promotional emails. When the holiday season rolls around and people are in a shopping mood, your subscribers will already know and trust you. A simple newsletter about your upcoming holiday market or special promotion will go a long way!

Get Ahead by Preparing in Advance

During slow seasons, use your time wisely by preparing for the busy times ahead. Take advantage of the lull to build up your inventory, create content in advance, and schedule your social media posts. By getting these tasks out of the way, you’ll free up time during the hectic seasons to focus on selling and maintain a healthier work-life balance. Being prepared gives you a competitive edge and reduces stress when the demand increases. So, use this downtime to streamline your processes, fine-tune your strategies, and ensure you’re ready to hit the ground running when business picks up.

In conclusion, Slow seasons can be a blessing in disguise for small business owners. By leveraging these quieter periods, you can lay the foundation for future success. Remember, building relationships, growing your email list, and preparing in advance are key strategies to thrive during slow seasons. Stay positive, be persistent, and keep the conversation going. Embrace the opportunities that come with slower sales, and watch your business flourish even during the toughest times. Good luck!

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P.S. Makers Business Academy is a networking group I build specifically for makers to Network, Learn, & Grow along side other makers.

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