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Spring Cleaning Your Business

Spring cleaning is a good habit at home; it’s good for your environment and physical and mental health.

I believe spring cleaning is good for the health of your business too. When we are in business for ourselves, especially in a creative business like a handmade product business, it’s easy to fall into a loop of activities and products that can make our business boring for ourselves and our customers.

It is important to constantly evolve and bring new and exciting products for your customers as a product-based business. That doesn’t mean that you need to invent new things all the time but having a seasonal new item will help keep your business relevant and at the top of mind for your customers. Your new product could be a new color or print or a slight variation of your main product line.

Spring cleaning your business can do wonders in the essence of your business and your relationship with your business too. You’ve started your company out of an idea a few years back; things change, businesses and lives evolve. It’s crucial to stay relevant and up to date with the market and the world, so the idea you started your business with may or may not be relevant today. Having a regular spring cleaning for your business will help you stay updated and avoid keeping old products in your inventory. That’s one reason for seasonal sales in large companies.

Here are four easy steps to spring clean your business:

#1 – Review your business plan/idea

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You may or may not have a written business plan, but you had a starting point business idea and a business model to make money with your craft. Review that.

#2 – Make a list of things that don’t serve you anymore.

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As your business evolves and grows, some of those original ideas, activities, or behaviours may not serve you anymore. Write them down put them in a list to analyze their effect in your big picture plan.

#3 – make a list of new things you like to try and implement

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As a creative person, I’m sure you are full of new ideas to try in your business. Remember, your business and customers need stability, and it’s highly suggested you don’t try new things as often. Still, it’s nice to bring new habits, activities and products to your business at least a couple of times a year.

#4 – Decide what goes, what stays, and what will be added

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Now comes the hard part: deciding what goes and what stays and what new things you should try. Go over your shortlist and compare your projected results with the big picture you have in mind. There is no right or wrong in this step. Follow your intuition do what lights you up; that is the right thing to do.

Spring is an excellent time to try new things. Earth is rebirthing; your customers, too, are in the mood for a new beginning. Based on what you end up with, you can either announce your new sales event, your new product or an added service to your business.

Happy Spring Cleaning, it’s good for you!


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