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Rock your holiday market crash course

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Pick The right craft market for you

Learn what type of market will work for your product type, branding, and goals so you can work less and sell more

Design Your Booth setup

In this course, we will cover different types of booth setups and tips on how to design each booth so that you can attract market visitors effortlessly.

create Marketing Content

Learn how to establish your brand by creating your unique marketing materials, so you can translate your market presence to online and retail sales easily.

write A sales script

Create an organized sales process and script, so you can consistently reach out to customers, build loyal consumers and have others sell for you.

Rock Your Holiday Markets!

Last time offered in 2021

The ultimate guide to maximize your profitability and sales.



Our clients say

Anahita is a gem of a human. She truly cares about artists and crafters and goes out of her way to assist. I had no idea about markets and what would be good for me before speaking to her. She helped me immensely, even assisting with the most wonderful people to help me out by working on my stand at a big exhibition I was involved with. I really look forward to working with her to up level my art business. She understands my market and what the expectations are as she has walked this road. Highly recommend connecting with her if you are starting a business in arts and crafts or would like to up level your business. .
I started working with Anahita about 6 months after I started my own resin design small business. I've never had a business before and didn't really know what I'm doing business wise. I trusted Anahita due to her experience and the way she talked to me the first time we chatted. I felt her confidence, positivity and care for me and my business. Anahita advised me about markets, displays, banners, costs, self confidence, marketing, promotions and even future career planning (I am like a lot of small business owners, have another job). Anahita mostly gave me a lot of confidence and a great feedback, especially when I was thinking about taking the next step in my business and expanding. Anahita is the go-to person for all my business questions and needs. She even connected to people in her network that combined with Anahita's support help me achieve my business goals.
I have the pleasure of working with Anahita on numerous projects. She is highly resourceful and tech savvy regarding the crafting business industry. Excellent at digital media management including CRM, automation processes and website development. She is also experienced in the field of small business e-commerce, in person markets and wholesale account management. A true guide for any up-and-coming or established entrepreneur that wants to make the best of their business with updated resources.
Cathy Alberich
Founder of Alberich Marketing
Handmade Business Coach and Mentor

 Anahita Shahrvini is a mentor and consultant committed to helping makers, artists, and designers build a life and business, doing what they love and earn the kind of money they deserve.

She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, author of the upcoming book, Currency of the Crafting, founder of the  Canadian Makers Online Market and founder and creator of GogoBags. GogoBags is a handmade business she built around her mother’s hobby in 2010.

Starting at a craft fair, she took GogoBags to become a recognized brand and eventually wholesaled in significant stores around Canada.

With over eleven years of experience in handmade business, 60+ craft markets under her belt, and twenty years as an independent travel agent, she has a lot of wisdom and solutions for her one-on-one and group clients.

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