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Pros and Cons of Wholesaling Handmade Products

As a crafter and handmade business owner, you may have thought about selling your products in stores. Why not? You make a beautiful product, and stores should sell them, so more people benefit from having your products in their hands.

I agree! Wholesaling your product is the way to go if you like to have a consistent and predictable income.

Having said that there are few pros and cons in selling your handmade products in the stores.

pros and cons of wholeselling

Wholesaling Handmade Products Pros

  • Gain some control over your income and the volume of orders you get.
  • Potentially you will gain more online customers after people see your products in different stores. 
  • You can move stock faster. 
  • You can test new products and get actual market research on your products
  • It gives you a social proof in your industry
  • Customers make online purchases easier when they see other stores trust you and your products.

Wholesaling Handmade Products Cons

  • You have to sell to stores at wholesale price, which is lower than what you sell directly to customers.
  • May have initial cost creating packaging that is more appropriate for stores shelf.
  • Depending on the store you pick, you may need to buy insurance and or bar codes.
  • Visiting the store in person and tending your products on their shelf may or may not be required. 
  • You may need to hire people to help you with production and packaging.

In conclusion, selling in stores is the next level of a handmade business. It’s a great thing to do when you have structured your business to succeed in that model. Wholesaling is very different from selling at the craft markets, your online store, or Etsy. It comes with many demands to hit burnout quickly if you are not ready for it. My suggestion is to structure your business, from the get-go, in a way to be able to wholesale at anytime you feel ready and desire to do so.


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