Price-to-Profit Calculator


Price-to-Profit Calculator

When considering your product pricing, are you telling yourself, “I don’t want to get it wrong?”

Wouldn’t it be great if there’s a tool that helps you set prices based on proper profit margin? This is why I created my Price-to-Profit Calculator. You can now set prices based on what you should charge for your product. This tool is easy to use, and I walk you through every step of the way!


Price to Profit Calculator is a comprehensive calculator to price your products with confidence and ease. Know exactly how many products you must sell to reach your financial goals. Plan for your business growth with proper savings and trajectory. It’s simple to use with 5 video instructions. All you need to run this program are your bills, a timer, and the will to plug in the numbers. We did all the math and programming, so you can rest assured you have the proper pricing to profit.