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Price to Profit calculator

Looking at The Big Picture

Take a look at the real costs of running your business. Easily calculate your monthly and yearly expenses.

Calculate your Material costs

Use the formulas provided to easily calculated the material base cost for each product

Set your Wholesale and retail prices

Don't leave money on the table! Set wholesale and retail prices that actually grown your bottom line.

Plan for success

Know exactly how many product you need to make and sell and at what price average to pay the bill and reach your financial goals

Price to Profit Calculator

The ultimate product pricing tool for all makers and artisans.


What Our Clients are saying

After struggling through a couple of markets with virtually no sales, Anahita's encouragement and advice resulted in me looking at my product range with fresh eyes, and directly led me to being successful at my next market. My next market got off to a great start when I made my first sale within the first 10 minutes and by the end of the market, had dramatically increased both the number of sales and the average value of each sale. Anahita clearly understands how to help makers and how to be more successful.
First, the intake form was very helpful to focus my thinking and understand with myself what I want to get from the session. The coaching session itself made me feel like I have better direction now and have the first steps laid out.
I have the pleasure of working with Anahita on numerous projects. She is highly resourceful and tech savvy regarding the crafting business industry. Excellent at digital media management including CRM, automation processes and website development. She is also experienced in the field of small business e-commerce, in person markets and wholesale account management. A true guide for any up-and-coming or established entrepreneur that wants to make the best of their business with updated resources.
Cathy Alberich
Founder of Alberich Marketing

 Anahita Shahrvini is a mentor and consultant committed to helping makers, artists, and designers build a life and business, doing what they love and earn the kind of money they deserve.

She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, author of the upcoming book, Currency of the Crafting, founder of the  Canadian Makers Online Market and founder and creator of GogoBags. GogoBags is a handmade business she built around her mother’s hobby in 2010.

Starting at a craft fair, she took GogoBags to become a recognized brand and eventually wholesaled in significant stores around Canada.

With over eleven years of experience in handmade business, 60+ craft markets under her belt, and twenty years as an independent travel agent, she has a lot of wisdom and solutions for her one-on-one and group clients.

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