Monthly ACE Meeting

Monthly ACE Meeting

No More Procrastination!

Eating Elephants Bite by Bite.

by Barb Hubbard

August 28th at 12 pm PDT

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Whether it’s preparing for an event, packing and moving to a new location, making the decision to look for another job or writing a proposal, we all have elephants in our lives. They are often big, scary, and overwhelming. We often don’t know where to start, so we procrastinate. These tasks, projects or decisions show up in our work and in our everyday lives.  

It has been said that to eat an elephant, you simply need to take one bite at a time. But how do you know which bite to take first? And how do you stick with it when your motivation wanes? Using a unique, five-step approach, participants will learn about the importance of gaining clarity, identifying what will work best for their unique brain and the planning that needs to take place BEFORE getting started. By taking these steps, they are more likely to avoid procrastination and successfully complete the project. 

In this ACE Meeting, you will,

  1. Understand that multi-step, long-term projects require some planning prior to getting started. 
  2. Learn the five steps for eating an elephant: gain clarity, know yourself, plan, get started and take one bite at a time 
  3. Walk away with a plan to tackle an ‘Elephant Project’ in your life! 

About Barb Hubbard

Barb Hubbard is a Time Management Coach and ADHD Specialist. She loves supporting ambitious individuals who have big goals! Barb started her career as an elementary-level special education teacher. After many years of teaching children and supporting parents, Barb began to notice that distractibility, forgetfulness, and disorganization weren’t limited to the classroom. With a desire to help adults achieve their dreams, Barb launched her coaching business in 2018. With love and compassion, she helps her clients move toward their goals by breaking them into organized and manageable steps and guiding them to the finish line. Barb helps dreamers discover clarity, find their focus, and feel motivated to work on the big and scary projects on their to-do list! 

In this session, our expert speaker Larissa Popov talked about the three different components of sales. 

  1. Energy
  2. Engage
  3. Express
Quick summary:
To attract more sales, it’s better to enter any sales event, craft markets, online markets, and even wholesale with the energy of YES. Yes to sales, yes to the opportunity, yes to collaboration, yes to the truth, even if the truth is that your product is not meant for someone. 
Engage with your audience, customers, and market visitors with open arms and an open heart. Ask them open-ended questions to start a conversation. For example, what is it about this piece that picked your interest?
And finally, Express your brand through your story.
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