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How to Attract More Sales Even if You are an Introvert

In this session, our expert speaker Larissa Popov talked about the three different components of sales. 

  1. Energy
  2. Engage
  3. Express
Quick summary:
To attract more sales, it’s better to enter any sales event, craft markets, online markets, and even wholesale with the energy of YES. Yes to sales, yes to the opportunity, yes to collaboration, yes to the truth, even if the truth is that your product is not meant for someone. 
Engage with your audience, customers, and market visitors with open arms and an open heart. Ask them open-ended questions to start a conversation. For example, what is it about this piece that picked your interest?
And finally, Express your brand through your story.

About Larissa Popov

Larissa Popov is an intuitive business coach and spiritual mentor who helps service-based business owners experiencing rollercoaster income to create a consistent flow of clients and money into their business!  

She supports her clients to develop the skills and self-trust that allow them to take big, bold actions, to embody the influential presence that attracts their soulmate clients, and to monetize their unique skills and gifts so they can grow a thriving business doing the work they were born to do!  

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