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Essentials Packing List for a Successful Market Day!

Start your market day on the right foot: be rested, well-nourished and stress-free! To do so, you’ll need to be prepared and pack for everything that you might need. 

Pack for your market for all contingencies and consider all the possibilities. My personal strategy is to bring more than actually needed, better safe than sorry.  Preparing well for a craft market increases your sales and productivity and reduces your stress.

Imagine… if you start your day frustrated that you forgot something, your whole mindset and energy will shift, which shows up in your interactions with your customers, which could result in reduced sales. 

This free downloadable guide is a list of items you might need for a craft market day, down to the smallest details. You just might notice some things on the list that you never thought of taking with you to the market before.

The checklist includes:

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