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why you should go cruelty free

Why I went cruelty free

During the summer of 2022 I saw a video by peta on animal cruelty. I decided to look deeper into it and I came across all the horrors I didn’t know about until then. From that moment on I made a decision to not contribute to animal cruelty as much as I could. I told my friends and family and adjusted my life to only buy products that support what I stand for. Ever since I went cruelty free I feel betterabout myself and Im happy I can make a small impact on the environment around me.

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benefits of going cruelty free

Going cruelty free is a very difficult thing to do but overall pays off because of the feeling you get knowing you aren’t contributing to criminal acts. Even if you don’t go fully cruelty-free even considering it or making a few of your everyday products cruelty-free will make a big difference in the long run.