why animal testing should be illegal

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Many argue that animal testing in some cases is necessary and it is easy to
believe that without proper research, but after constant research it is clear to me
that animal testing is not humane, reliable, or necessary. For commercial animal
testing (makeup, skincare, fragrances, etc.) it would not make sense to animal
test in the first place. We need to start thinking and realizing are these product
really something we want to put on our skin if it has enough chemicals to “need”
animal testing? We’ve gotten to a position in society where we pretty much know
all the ingredients that nourishes our skin and that we benefit from. We know so
many of these products are safe yet companies still put chemicals in products.
This is because rather than truly helping our skin, companies want money. They
prefer to give us temporary results which in the long run will ruin our skin so we
come back and keep buying products, with a false narrative that the products are
helping us. If the product was truly saf and healthy it wouldn’t need testing in the
first place. Scientific testing could be argued the same way. There have been
countless reports that even if you cure a disease in an animal, it does not
automatically apply to humans as well. “Ninety-five percent of all drugs that
are shown to be safe and effective in animal tests fail in human
trials.”[peta.org, and confirmed by NIH] Illnesses like cancer for example
have been cured in rats, but the money put into the study went to waste
because it in fact does not also apply to humans.

Now you’re probably thinking “what kind of psychopath would do this to
animals as a career” well sometimes an actual psychopath. There have
been many studies showing vivisectors (scientists who test on animals)
have more likelihood to be murderers and criminals. Vivisection is
protected by law yet many vivisectors have shown dangerous personality
disorders and have an extreme lack of empathy. In 2016 the FBI started
tracking vivisectors and watching them like they do for other violent
felonies. Mass murderers like Jefferey Dahmer, Ted Bundy and David
Berkowitz all would sart off torturing animals and killing animals which
eventually lead them to move on to human subjects. There are thousands
of vivisectors who went to prestigious universities like Yale, and Stanford
who ended up in prison for crimes such as rape, sexual assault, murder,
and so much more. Things that happen in the vivisection lab would be
considered a felony outside of the building so why is the government
covering up the crimes and mental issues of vivisectors?

Now even if we ignore the pain and suffrage of the animals, animal testing
still just isn’t useful. The national institute of health had confirmed that
drugs can take 15 years and countless millions of dollars to even begin
testing them on animals, and even when tested on animals the rates of
failure and still 95% (National center for advancing transitional sciences)
now my question is if we are yearly putting millions of dollars into an
unethical, inefficient, inaccurate system that has been proven time and
time again it doesn’t work, why don’t we take the money we would use for
these inefficient tests and put it towards effective technology?