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What is Animal Testing?

Animal testing is when scientists inject animals with certain products or
chemicals to see what effects the animal undergoes, to then determine if
this product is safe for humans to endure. Animal testing can vary from
testing makeup products to medical and safety products. This is where
animal testing links into two different categories, commercial animal
testing and scientific testing. Animal testing almost always leaves the
animal with pain, distress, permanent health complications, and a lot of the
time even death.

When an animal is tested on they are put through unimaginable amounts of
pain against their will. They are taken from their families and homes and
put into cramped cold dark cages, left alone for long periods of time,
confused on what they’ve done to get there. Sadly this isn’t close to the
worst part. Then these animals, unknowingly are forced to spend the rest
of their lives being burned, shocked, and poisoned on just to get some
poorly made product with disingenuous advertisement.