Monthly ACE Meeting

Monthly ACE Meeting

Craft Market Strategies

To Boost Your Sales & Thrive With Ease


Join us on September 25th at 12 pm PST for our ACE Meeting on “Craft Market Strategies to Boost Your Sales and Thrive with Ease by Anahita Shahrvini. 

Learn the key strategies for running a successful craft market business with ease! Attend our ACE Meeting for a transformative experience where we’ll reveal proven techniques to increase your sales and streamline your operations. Find out how to attract more customers, optimize your pricing, and manage your inventory with ease. Say goodbye to stress and hello to a thriving business. Book your spot now and take the first step towards a profitable and enjoyable craft market experience!

What You'll Gain from this ACE Meeting:

  • Immediate Sales Boost: Implement actionable strategies that can increase your sales at your next market
  • Stress-Free Selling: Master the art of stress management, tailored for craft market vendors so you can focus on what you love – Creating and selling.
  • Customer Magnetism: Acquire customer engagement techniques that will turn casual browsers into loyal buyers 
  • Realtime connection: Meet other handmade business owners to learn from and/or collaborate with 
  • Accountability:  Achieve your goals faster with a well-structured plan and a reliable accountability partner.

About Anahita Shahrvini

Anahita is an experienced entrepreneur and business consultant who specializes in the handmade industry. She has a remarkable track record, having founded gogoBags, a line of handmade, eco-friendly bags. Her firsthand experience in building a handmade business from scratch is a testament to her expertise. As the head of AskAnahita Consulting, she dedicates herself to helping makers and handmade business owners navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship. From pricing products to devising market strategies, Anahita provides customized solutions that drive success. More than just a consultant, she’s a problem solver who’s committed to helping makers achieve financial stability and business growth.

In this session, our expert speaker Larissa Popov talked about the three different components of sales. 

  1. Energy
  2. Engage
  3. Express
Quick summary:
To attract more sales, it’s better to enter any sales event, craft markets, online markets, and even wholesale with the energy of YES. Yes to sales, yes to the opportunity, yes to collaboration, yes to the truth, even if the truth is that your product is not meant for someone. 
Engage with your audience, customers, and market visitors with open arms and an open heart. Ask them open-ended questions to start a conversation. For example, what is it about this piece that picked your interest?
And finally, Express your brand through your story.