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We are thrilled that you are here, as it indicates that you are taking the first step in advancing your handmade business and making your dreams a reality.

Most makers start their handmade business journey with a passion for sharing their art with the world. However, they often become overwhelmed and frustrated by the unknowns of running a business, feeling isolated and longing for the support of a team of experts with a business degree to guide them.

The Makers Business Academy is a mentorship and networking program created specifically for makers who want to grow their businesses alongside like-minded individuals. Our seasoned handmade business and productivity expert, with more than a decade of experience in running a successful handmade business, provides guidance and support to help makers manage their businesses effortlessly and with confidence. This is why we call it the MBA of the handmade industry.

Our membership process involves an interview to ensure that we are a good fit for your needs and that you will fit well with our current members. If you are interested in learning and growing with other goal-oriented and growth-focused makers, please apply here for an interview spot. 

Accepted candidates get a free one-month trial of the program.

Are you interested in turning your passion into a profitable business? Makers Business Academy’s community is made up of creative entrepreneurs and makers who come together to discuss topics like marketing, branding, and product development, all tailored to the unique needs of creatives.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned business owner, Maker’s Business Academy is here to help you grow. Our community is supportive, inclusive, and always willing to lend a helping hand.

Why not give our free trial a shot? Book your interview session today and see how Maker’s Business Academy can help you turn your passion into a successful business.

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