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Anahita is a pro I’m fortunate to have found! I had a tech project I’d been delaying because of the time and energy it would have taken me to figure out. I handed the project over to her. She tuned into the vision of my brand and gave me what I needed. She took on the work with a sense of enthusiastic joy and precision. Anahita also has a lovely way about her and is graciously easy to work with. Within a short time, she had relieved me of my tech stress. My project was done, and I didn’t have to do it! If you have tech challenges and need assistance, contact Anahita. She can help! I’ll continue giving her the tech issues that challenge me. Finding her has been a dream come true!”

Ellen Weintraub

“Anahita provided great value to me! I felt completely lost and hopeless to be able to create a landing page. She walked me through each step explaining every detail, making it very simple, so I can do it again on my own. I got off the call feeling smart, encouraged and accomplished. I no longer am afraid of tech, as long as I have her coach me through it. Thank you so much!!”


I am incredibly thankful to have connected with Anahita, whose expertise has been a game-changer for my business, Dementia Dialogues. After encountering challenges with a previous website developer on Fiverr, Anahita’s intervention not only rectified the issues but also completely transformed and elevated the functionality and aesthetics of my website.

What sets Anahita apart is not only her technical proficiency but also her exceptional communication throughout the entire process. She made it a point to actively seek my input and envision my specific needs and desires, resulting in a website that reflects me and my business.

Moreover, Anahita went the extra mile by providing me with valuable insights into the backend of my website, empowering me with the ability to independently perform essential tasks.

I would recommend Anahita 1000%!”

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