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Easy, Practical Solutions for handmade business owners


If you are interested in creating a successful business using your art and crafting skills, you are in the right place!

You can be a new or seasoned crafter who already has an established handmade business or looking to replace your day job with your crafting business.

I teach makers, artisans, crafters, and creative entrepreneurs to plan their business, price their products correctly, know how to sell their handmade products online, at craft markets and in stores easier and effortlessly.

Free Resources:

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Canadian Makers Market

An online Craft Market gathering amazing makers from across Canada, proud to help and empower crafters towards their full online presence.
Join our community to sell your products or shop from local artisans


Income Breakthrough Session

Walk away with a clear plan and possibilities for your business! In this 45 min FREE session we will go over your product line, pricing, and where you sell. You will walk away with at least one action plan to apply to your business.

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FREE Thriving Makers Group

A group for makers, artisans, and designers to network, learn from each other. Monthly group coaching and accountability program. Where you work with a set group of women on your goals and productivity.

with my programs you will:

  • Create clear pathway to success
  • Set goals and follow-through 
  • Strengthen customer relationship management
  • Increase productivity and profit
  • Create a social media marketing plan that works
  • Increase your online and offline sales
  • Learn how to get into retail stores

Our clients say

Anahita Shahrvini

Author- Mentor -Consultant

Welcome to my world! 

Allow me to guide you with the right tools and resources to navigate your Crafting Business into its maximum potential. From product design to pricing and promotion with the right business plan you can reduce stress, increase productivity, and have better results. Join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs as we unlock the key components that more than 20 years of experience in business have created.